• Northstar Travel Group maintains the largest collection of travel and hospitality data in the world, ensuring the highest quality, most accurate, most relevant and broadest scope of content available. The strength of Northstar’s database is its extensive hotel information, consisting of over 250,000 hotel properties worldwide with 300 different attributes of information associated with each hotel property.

  • Cross Reference GDS Identifier

    Northstar Travel Group offers a cross-reference table, using GDS ID codes. This table can be used to merge data from different systems/databases and help to gain access to those systems (i.e. GDSs for booking, commission reconciliation, etc.).

    Hotel Classification Rating System

    The hotel classification rating system is the largest, most-objective and comprehensive hotel rating system worldwide. Our hotel classification system has been developed and refined over seven decades, providing the main source of hotel evaluation and information for the travel planning industry.

  • Unique Hotel Identifier

    For years the travel industry has struggled with the costs and problems created by multiple identifiers. NTM has solved these problems and, for 80 years, has been established in the business and process of providing identification numbers. Each of the 250,000+ hotels worldwide has an associated unique hotel identifier to ensure accuracy in matching hotel properties.

    Hotel Description

    Hotel Description is a succinct description of a hotel property, typically describing ambiance, style, architecture, history, location or nearby points of interest.