• This system sends security and travel alerts to travelers via email, cell phone or other mobile/web-enabled device. Alert subscriptions can be customized to immediately notify travelers of events of high urgency and/or provide daily summaries of all relevant news. News Sources are monitored 24/7 for news that affects travelers.

    • Alerts

      18,000 Travel related alerts published annually. In our system everything revolves around answering this one question: How does this alert impact the global business traveler? Alerts will be delivered in a fast, accurate, unbiased and comprehensive manner

    • Urgency

      Each alert is assigned an urgency level, meant to indicate how much impact we think the alert might have on travelers

    • STI

      Some alerts have the potential to impact travel to such an extent that they merit a designation called Significant Travel Impact (STI)

    • Map Location

      Each alert includes a location for the events which can be used to spot on a map

    • Category

      Alerts are categorized by Health, Safety and Security, Transportation and Weather and Nature

    • Unconfirmed Breaking News

      Used for a major breaking story that is just developing and is important to get out to clients immediately, but for which we do not have all of the facts yet. Earthquakes, volcanic explosions, tsunamis and plane crashes are events that often have widespread impact and MAY turn into an STI. This will be used to alert people of early developing strikes without details, too.